Rigging & Animating Using the new BODY TRACKING feature in Adobe Character Animator

Rigging & Animating Using the new BODY TRACKING feature in Adobe Character Animator


Thru a lot of trial and error i have found my favorite way to build out adobe character animator puppets for use with the new body tracking features currently in OPEN BETA! I am going to show you my preferred layering method for a 3 angle walking puppet using body tracking and why this method is my favorite out of all the different methods i have tried. (trust me there was a lot) Then i will show you the most hassle free way to go about recording your content using the new body tracking feature.

Layering your files correctly in this software is the first step to having a stress free and successful build. To help you achieve this i have created a blank template in both .psd and .ai format for my preferred building method for use with the new body tracking feature ONLY! I do not recommend using this layering method if you plan to animate with traditional draggers and triggers. 

Blank Files: https://chpuppets.com/collections/freebees/products/adobe-illustrator-blank-puppet-file

Go thru layering on a 3 angle puppet and explain the benefits of this layering style ( 3 still angles and 2 walking angles, proper head angles per body, walking forwards and backwards, swappable hands and mouthsets.

+body track to top layer
tracked handles checked (play with these to find what you think is best, also play with your positioning to find the best starting standing pose.)
shoulder and hips tag on torso
arms (and legs) attach style hinge
body independent (on file)
head independent (on file)
arms and legs independent (on file)
attach style free for all bodies and heads

with that you should be set up to record! aside from your usual head/face/lipsync rigging, do that in the traditional way.

when recording:
rec 3 TRIGGERS (hands and body),

Recording one section at a time ensures each piece is cleanly laid out and flows smoothly.
If you have any questions or run into any issues post them down below in the comments and i will do my best to answer each and every one of them! Thanks for letting Ch Puppets help bring your vision to life!

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