Adobe Character Animator Portfolio

Rigging Demo Reel

There has not been a short in puppets i have built over the years. The following is some of the most diverse puppets i have had the pleasure of rigging over the years. I have posted more of my rigs below if you are interested in viewing more of my work!

Blitzerine Fantasia


I absolutely loved building this puppet out for the wonderful team that brought us Every puppet I create, I do so with the utmost love and passion, and Blitzerine is a constant reminder of what those things can accomplish! The artwork was a blast to dissect and create, the painterly style was a pleasant and welcome challenge to build from. I cannot wait to see where Blitzeee goes in the future!!

Jimmy D. and his Drone

When it comes to puppet creation, nothing excites me more then when I get to build for educational purposes. Jimmy D. was created for the fine folks over at for the intention of producing educational content that teaches kids everything they need to know about flying drones!