You should find the answer to any questions you have here! If you do not see it feel free to reach out to me via chat located down below.

How do I use Adobe Character Animator for FREE?

You can find a blog on how to do so HERE.

The free version has minor limits, you can not EDIT or CREATE your own puppets. but you can use any created puppet to its full potential in both recorded and live content. 

What Is Adobe Character Animator?

Adobe Character Animator is Software that uses a webcam and live-tracking in conjunction with hotkeys to create the illusion of animation. This can be recorded or live-streamed.

How easy is Adobe Character Animator to use?

Adobe Character Animator is among one of the simplest animation softwares out there and Adobe is doing a FANTASTIC job and making it more user friendly with each update. In each puppet order I include a short, basic "how to" video highlighting the different aspects in Character Animator you can edit to affect the puppet you purchased along with a short walk thru of all the features and triggers you can use.


Custom Puppet FAQ

 How much is a Custom Puppet? 

Custom Puppet price has a lot of determining factors (including but not limited to: angles, clothing complexity, artwork complexity, animations wanted, type of content needed, etc.) and the only way to get an exact estimate is to chat with me via chat icon down below! the average cost of a 3 angle puppet is 250, a 5 angle is 300. (the price goes down if you provide your own photoshop or illustrator file.

How long does it take to receive my puppet?

Average draw time of art files is 2 weeks or so. This can be sooner for an added fee. Build time is around 5-7 days after completion of art work. Bringing the total average build time to 3-4 weeks if no art file is provided. (1-2 weeks if art file is provided)

 What do you need to know to get building a custom order?

  • What are you going to be using your puppet for?
  • Is it live or recorded content?
  • What will it look like? Photographs help.
  • Will it need to walk?
  • How many angles would you like? (typical is 3/4 left, frontal, 3/4 right)
  • Any objects in the hands?
  • Would you like any pre-recorded animations on a trigger?

Can i get sketches of my puppet before i do a big order?

YES! we can do sketches but these unfortunately come at a cost as i do not ask my artists to draw anything for free.

What comes with a custom puppet?

If you ordered custom artwork from me, I will also include a walkthrough video of your puppet. showing you all the in's and out's of your new file. As I heard one of the developers of this software say, "This software isn't perfect. Knowing your puppet, and how it works and doesn't work, is the key to being successful in character animator." This provided video is designed to inform you of just that.

I offer revisions until you are pleased with your final product. often times it is easy to miss layer a pupil or eyelid and something small like that can get overlooked in a complex build so I wont stop until we are both satisfied!

a puppet file is also, of course, included.