How to order a Custom Puppet

Ordering a custom Adobe Character Animator puppet is no small feat! There is a lot of thought that will go into design and triggerable events. When ordering a custom puppet please have answers to the following questions:

  • Can i provide my own artwork? Of course! and it will include a discount! as long as it is an Illustrator (.Ai) or Photoshop (.Psd) document. all other file types will require a redraw and are not eligible for the discount as they are considered reference files.
  • How many angles? Typical puppets have 1-5 angles but I could wire up to have a full turnaround if you wish!
  • What type of animation style will you be using? There are several ways to animate in this software, depending on what you are using this for will determine the best way to build our rig. At the moment the different build styles are 
    • Motion library and dragger handles (preferred)
    • body tracking
    • What will it look like? (feel free to send pictures and say something like, "this shirt (pic 1), on this guy (pic 2) with these pants (pic 4), but i dont like his eyes so how about we do this other person's eye style. (pic 3)"
    • Can i get a sketch first? YES! sketches cost an average of 20-40 usd depending on complexity. 
    • What about mouth and handsets? I have 3 separate mouth sets Two are more detailed, one happy and the other sad. the third is designed for more cartoony things such as animated objects. and i have around 30 different hand poses created. I offer any and all of these to be included into your custom build just let me know what's needed! If you provide your own art file or have your own rig I sell you the set here!
    • Can you include animation triggers? I most certainly can at no added cost! (unless of course you are looking for a large number of animation triggers (7-10+), then there will be an added fee as such things do take time and effort after all.)
    • Do you work for exposure? No, sadly. I wish I could, however the stomach grows hungry if only exposure is brought to the dinner table.
    • How long will it take? An average order takes around 3 weeks to a month to complete. This can be faster for an added fee.
    • SIGN ME UP! How do i PURCHASE?! haha, okay calm down, I know you are excited for your puppet but there are things i need to know first. Take your time to answer each question and send me a message via email or direct message via chat icon! I do my best to answer both as soon as possible. If you are unsure of anything feel free to reach out to me and i will help answer any questions and concerns you may have! Once we have all the information in order i will create a CUSTOM PRODUCT and send it directly to you.
    • Do you offer a payment plan? Sadly as of right now i do not offer a payment plan for puppets though i have considered adding this feature. If you are interested in such a feature reach out to me!

    Once you have a good idea of how to answer these questions send me an E-Mail so I can get more specific details and being YOUR ORDER!

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