Unlocking Adobe Character Animator for FREE!

Unlocking Adobe Character Animator for FREE!


Adobe has made Character Animator FREE!! This is with limitations though, but that's why you have Ch Puppets! Adobe and Ch Puppets have teamed up so you have access to the live tracking animation software you want along with the CUSTOM DESIGNS you need to stand out from the crowd! 


To begin you will need to download the Adobe Character Animator software and create a free Adobe Account

 Once that is done you will need to start the program in TRIAL MODE, we will unlock it from there.



On macOSHOLD DOWN the Option key then HOLD DOWN left click on  "Character" at the top of the window and DRAG DOWN to "PREFERENCES." Release both to open the above window.

On Windows, HOLD DOWN the Alt key and HOLD DOWN left click on Edit located at the top of the window. Release both on "Preferences" Click “Performer Mode” located on the left hand side of the Preference window. Enter “ILOVECHPUPPETS-4689” in the “Unlock Code” field.

Check “Performer Mode” and you are good to go!

You will more than likely want the following software to use in conjunction with your webcam if you plan on livestreaming with Character Animator
How to set up NDI for adobe

How to set up NDI for OBS

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