Freelance Information


We are no stranger to Freelance Animation work using Adobe Character Animator. Here at Ch Puppets, we have worked on projects that are located on streaming services including Amazon Prime Video! You can View our Animation Portfolio or see our estimated cost calculator below:
Animation work cost varies on complexity and number of characters animated. something extremely simple and long term may cost as low as $50 USD per completed second of animation delivered. More complex animations can be as high as $100+ USD per completed second of animation. 

I accept Contract work requiring a 1099 Tax form. Work is done under JustinWilsonLLC dba. ChPuppets.
 Fill out the form located to the left (browser) or under the 3 bars at the top (mobile) or simply by emailing for more information.


Building out custom puppets is how we got our start! Ch Puppets only focuses on Adobe Character Animator content. We have the edge over other digital puppet builders because we study the latests updates released in closed beta as soon as they are available to us. Leaving your content guaranteed to stand out. There is a lot that goes into creating a custom puppet and you can find more on what you need to know HERE. After you have read through that content reach out to me via the form located on left hand side (browser) or underneath the 3 bars on the main top menu (mobile) or simply by emailing

Consultations and Tutoring

If you are looking to learn this software yourself but prefer a guided 1 on 1 experience or need help finishing your current project that has you banging your head against a wall, i am here to assist you! 
Have questions? I offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to those that would like to discuss the possibility of future work.

New to animator? Every custom puppet comes with a free Consultation to guide you through using your puppet to create your own professional animations!
Use the form located to the left to schedule out a consultation session, Sessions start at $20/h with a minimum of two hours.
I accept most student scholarships!
 Fill out the form located to the left (browser) or under the 3 bars at the top (mobile) or simply by emailing for more information.