Animation Portfolio

I have created animations for the Drivers Education of America and the Television Series "Owlegories." The above link leads to examples of each long-term project.
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Puppet Portfolio

Since 2019 Puppet building has been my main focus. Since then, we have built more puppets than can be counted, well over 100! That can be intimidating when deciding if ChPuppets is the correct builder for your job. A demo reel has been made to showcase a small yet diverse number of builds I have done. If you wish to explore my work further, more notable builds are listed below my demo reel within the puppet portfolio page.


Background Art Portfolio

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It's not all puppets and animation here! Background art is essential to immersing your target audience in your world! The following is a collection of just SOME of the background artwork we have provided in the past. My favorite is a background with slight subtitle movement going on, such as Alexander Hamilton's candle flicker and the flag movement seen in Officer Freddy's school background.