7 Essential tips for Moderating a Livestream

7 Essential tips for Moderating a Livestream

This list has been curated after many years of moderating and streaming. There are always going to be vastly different rules in each and every stream The carefully curated collection is what I believe to be the most essential tasks to focus on in any stream.

Always greet every new viewer and spark up conversation with them, if they are new to the channel this is the most important and valuable thing you can do. I try to do this with an upbeat attitude “Hey truegamergod97 good to see you again!” “coolgamer42 thanks for being here! Glad to see a new face!” This is steroids for community growth!!


If the streamer is a competitive gamer, Find a way to track their stats. Sooo many new viewers base if they are going to watch a competitive gamer because of their stats.


Answer every question missed by the streamer. If the streamer is in a clutch moment or in focus mode, try to answer every question to the best of your ability. If you notice a question has gone up 6 or 7 lines and hasn't been seen yet, answer it. 


The stream should be filled with #GOODVIBES only. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very important to be there for your community. I've had some of the best interactions of my life because the viewer came to me with an issue in their life. But there’s a time and place, and if you are trying to grow a brand then there’s a level of “positive atmosphere” you need to maintain. If a viewer you’ve seen around a lot says something like “my cat died'' encourage a positive response from the community and try to get off the subject to prevent bad vibes from settling in chat. Something like “omg I’m so sorry, that’s rough! Feel free to reach out to me on Discord, or any other moderator if you wanna talk about it.” Doing this will maintain a level of positivity and help the viewer which will make them feel valued as part of the community.


Join the out of stream groups! Discord, Twitter group chat, Facebook group chat, wherever the community meets up outside of stream. This will give you a chance to grow the community outside of the stream and a great chance to get any feedback from the streamer. I often use this time to help the streamer brainstorm different content ideas. A good moderator should know the direction a channel is trying to take and any well thought out input is valued in my experience. 


NEVER FEED THE TROLLS! I personally have a 2 strike policy but if it’s an obvious troll I will ban instantly without remorse. The first time someone breaks a rule such as cursing in a family friendly stream, let them know. “Hey @fortnitegamer33 this is a family friendly stream, Please no adult language.” their response decides if they get banned or not.


Shout Out raiders. Cross pollination of channels is one of the best ways for a stream to grow! So when someone else raids with any amount of viewers, be sure to thank them and shout them out if the streamer hasn’t already. 99% of the time the command will be !so @raider name.

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