Ch Puppets February 2021 UPDATE

Ch Puppets February 2021 UPDATE

You may have noticed there hasn't been too many updates to Ch Puppets this past month aside from updating our FAQ and About Us pages, this is because behind the scenes I have changed EVERYTHING! This month I am bringing BIG changes to Ch Puppets! 

First of all I have given the website an ENTIRE redo! The new design fits our ChPuppets brand a lot better than the current layout. This is almost complete already, I am waiting to have new puppets to release with it, along with some new blog articles on content creation tips and tricks.

Which brings me to my next point of news. NEW PUPPETS! I am working on a 5 pack of teachers now. They may not be out til the end of the month however, as the building process takes a lot of time and effort and I am currently still planning details of each character. I also have several puppets ready, I just need to finish wiring them up. This is Black Beard, Davy Jones, Gamer Guy, and Faux Paw (fox paw). I don't want to spoil their unique features so be sure to keep a look-out for walkthru videos explaining each character's unique animations in depth!

I have also been in talks with other artists in creating vtuber artwork for me. This will give us all more options on styles of characters available both in-store AND as custom orders. I always pay my artists what they feel is accurate compensation for their work and because of the new artist's fees I will be increasing the base cost of custom puppets to $250 sometime this month. Order at the old price while you still can! 
Thanks to everyone for making Ch Puppets what is is today and I can NOT WAIT to see what the future holds for us all here at Ch Puppets.

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