2023 Rigging and Animation Demo Reels are HERE!

2023 Rigging and Animation Demo Reels are HERE!
In the past, every rig that was created was featured. At first, this worked well because there were not a ton of rigs posted. Over time, however, we have built well over 100 puppets now! So to best showcase our building skills, a Rigging Demo Reel has also been produced; you can find that by clicking the image below. This Reel showcases some of the most diverse builds I have worked on over the years and will give you a great idea of what to expect when seeking to hire me.
We have been busy growing here at CH Puppets since our last update. We have moved to accept ANIMATION jobs! We have animated for the Drivers Ed of America and the Television series Owlegories.  To see some of our past work, click the image below!

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